jeudi 8 juillet 2010

Hot summer for Rudi Cremers (Hair & make up)

Rudi was there for the "No More pareo's Glam it production in Egypt".
Supermodel: Elise Van'T Zand @ Dominique Models
Super Photographer: Dirk Lambrechts @ House Of Orange
Super Production: Iris Rombouts (Glam it)
Super Styling: Ellen Monstrey (Glam it)

Kim Peers styled Weekend Knack

Kim Peers did a wonderful inspiring story, together with the photographer Michel De Windt and the 2 beauties Corazon De Raeymaecker & Emily Jeanne (both Models @ Dominique)

vendredi 26 mars 2010

Citizen K International L'ère lyrique Printemps 2010

What a cover!

Perfect team Benoît Béthume, Grégory Derkenne and Isabelle Bertrand, with always the perfect twist!

Photo: Gregory Derkenne

Stylisme: Benoît Béthume

Make up: Isabelle Bertrand @ Touch by Dominique

Hair: Perrine Rougemont

Bijoux collection privée de Barbara Berger

vendredi 12 mars 2010

Ann Demeulemeester March 2010 - Paris

Rooster feathers, necklaces of braided whipcord, red leather,...
Ann Demeulemeester's collection (Autumn/Winter 2010-2011) was once again so beautiful.

The designer is faithful to her collaboraters & Rudi Cremers (Make up chief) is creating make up trends for Ann D. since the very first show...

Subtle lines on the eyebrows, nude faces, ...such a delicacy for eyes.